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CN-106442326-A: Linear moving device patent, CN-106442606-A: 一种识别汞形态的方法和装置 patent, CN-106443387-A: 一种控制巡检机器人局部放电检测的方法、装置及系统 patent, CN-106443477-A: 一种锂电池剩余寿命的预测方法 patent, CN-106443584-A: Position determination method and apparatus patent, CN-106444177-A: 显示面板及显示装置 patent, CN-106446153-A: Distributed newSQL database system and method patent, CN-106446212-A: 一种移动终端及食物推荐方法 patent, CN-106446213-A: Service ranking method and device based on artificial intelligence patent, CN-106446818-A: Fingerprint recognition method and device and terminal equipment patent, CN-106447121-A: 一种基于城市配送的智能优化调度方法 patent, CN-106447499-A: 基于银行卡交易的数据处理方法以及数据处理系统 patent, CN-106447799-A: 一种适用性广泛而高效的停车场收费系统 patent, CN-106447872-A: 一种基于无线通信的门禁实时控制系统 patent, CN-106448446-A: 一种电子防盗门牌 patent, CN-106449409-A: Semiconductor structure with multilayer III-V heterostructures patent, CN-106451153-A: System and method for dispatching transformer substations patent, CN-106451401-A: 直流电压跌落时换流器最大功率输出的控制方法 patent, CN-106452073-A: Energy control circuit for DC-DC power converter and control method thereof patent, CN-106452126-A: Thyristor buffer type stabilized power supply for electrolytic tank anode current measurement device patent, CN-106452537-A: Method and device of feedback enhancement in multiuser superposition transmission patent, CN-106452903-A: Cloud-aided intelligent warehouse management robot system and method patent, CN-106453054-A: Information sharing method and apparatus patent, CN-106453538-A: 屏幕共享装置和方法 patent, CN-106454903-A: 一种智能终端设备接入互联网的方法及装置 patent, CN-106456451-A: 用于生产牙修复体部件的可打印、可烧结的牙科用组合物及其生产方法 patent, CN-106456454-A: 用于包封和释放生物活性大分子的可崩解核/壳二氧化硅颗粒 patent, CN-106456807-A: 用于诊断疾病状态的葡萄糖类似物 patent, CN-106458515-A: Rail securing devices for an elevator installation patent, CN-106458963-A: 新型感官化合物及其在风味组合物和香味组合物中的用途 patent, CN-106459121-A: 烷基糖苷磺基甲基琥珀酸酯表面活性剂 patent, CN-106459346-A: Process for making a polymer polyol patent, CN-106460782-A: A method for installation of a power control module in a wind power unit tower and an aggregate component patent, CN-106461907-A: Lens drive device, camera module, and mobile terminal with camera patent, CN-106463801-A: Real-time battery thermal management for electric vehicles patent, CN-106463970-A: 逆变器系统 patent, CN-106464324-A: Massive MIMO architecture patent, CN-106464653-A: 一种紧急呼叫方法、装置及设备 patent, CN-106465155-A: 用于实现移动网络中的策略的方法和网络元件 patent, CN-106465239-A: Method and apparatus for receiving signal by NAN device in wireless communication system patent, CN-106465318-A: 用于利用薄控制的针对不同的时延目标的同步复用和多址的装置和方法 patent, CN-106465939-A: 一种椰子参药材的食疗配方及制法 patent, CN-106466185-A: Optical measuring apparatus and method of outputting light and receiving the light patent, CN-106466790-A: 一种基于自动清洗装置的锯床 patent, CN-106467044-A: Brake part for armrest brake, armrest mout, armrest and vehicle seat patent, CN-106467667-A: 一种注塑级led灯专用导热尼龙复合材料及其制备方法 patent, CN-106468819-A: Optical imaging lens patent, CN-1064692-A: 一种多涂层防护用和/或装饰用涂料的生产工艺 patent, CN-106469903-A: 直流电机单向驱动器 patent, CN-106469966-A: 气流产生装置及吸尘器、干手器、干发器、吹风机 patent, CN-106470191-A: System, method and device for filtering transmission content of HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer) patent, CN-106470262-A: 业务处理方法、装置及终端 patent, CN-106470400-A: 单小区多播控制信道的资源配置方法、系统及装置 patent, CN-106470979-A: Herbicidally active arylcarboxylic acid amides patent, CN-106471158-A: Multilayer coatings on substrates patent, CN-106471401-A: Retardation film, circularly-polarizing plate, and image-displaying device patent, CN-106472097-A: Organic corn plantation method patent, CN-106472179-A: Method for preventing and treating plant diseases and insect pests for planting rhizoma zingiberis recens during agricultural production patent, CN-106472350-A: Soft-start birdhouse automatic exhaust system based on bias amplify circuit patent, CN-106472595-A: Biological agent for preventing wheat powdery mildew and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106472710-A: 一种泡椒腐竹方便食品及其制备方法 patent, CN-106473210-A: 全自动蒸汽玉米压片机 patent, CN-106473768-A: Non-weight-bearing ray protective device patent, CN-106474438-A: 一种用于减肥的中药热敷包 patent, CN-106474571-A: High-oxygen permeability material based on marine biological substances, and preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-106474582-A: Washing splash proofing device for knee replacement surgery patent, CN-106474751-A: 用于观看电影的机电系统及其控制方法 patent, CN-106475070-A: Wide-contamination normal-temperature composite oil removal adsorbent for metal plating pretreatment and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106475157-A: Paper-based microfluid chip wax pencil device and application thereof patent, CN-106476923-A: 一种爬绳机器人 patent, CN-106477498-A: 两用开瓶器 patent, CN-106477884-A: 一种铁锈红釉料及其制备方法 patent, CN-106478300-A: 一种降低水稻大米中镉含量的酸性土壤改良降镉肥 patent, CN-106479024-A: Preparation method of cable sheath material patent, CN-106479099-A: Potassium titanate whisker modified acrylate microsphere composite material and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106479177-A: 一种bpada型bdathq支化聚酰亚胺树脂薄膜及其制备方法 patent, CN-106479288-A: Anti-corrosion coating for lining of chemical pump patent, CN-106479489-A: Light emitting device and image display apparatus patent, CN-106481500-A: Wave power generation device and control method patent, CN-106483340-A: 对数型非线性金属锥探针 patent, CN-106483360-A: Method of using 220V power supply to carry out on-line monitoring on arrester resistance current patent, CN-106483586-A: Novel resin lens and preparation method therefor patent, CN-106483970-A: Protection device and method for unmanned aerial vehicle maximum inclination angle patent, CN-106484136-A: Vocabulary input method and mobile terminal patent, CN-106484323-A: 一种固态存储的损耗均衡方法及系统 patent, CN-106484566-A: 基于ndmp协议的nas数据备份和文件细粒度浏览恢复方法 patent, CN-106485333-A: 一种输电线路运行状态评估方法 patent, CN-106487048-A: Method, device and system for charging terminal patent, CN-106487057-A: 按照自定义曲线运行的太阳能充电器及其控制方法 patent, CN-106487077-A: Solution method related to foreign object monitoring patent, CN-106487331-A: Electronic Device, Method Of Manufacturing Electronic Device, Electronic Apparatus, And Moving Object patent, CN-106487356-A: Guide particle filtering method patent, CN-106488956-A: Modified poly(arylene ether) resin composition and molded article prepared therefrom patent, CN-106489489-A: Pearl bean-shaped peanut spring planting method capable of improving germination rate and germination vigor patent, CN-106489822-A: Method for scientifically feeding rex rabbits patent, CN-106490637-A: Automatic clamping lemon peeling system patent, CN-106490795-A: Stackable luggage suitcase patent, CN-106492339-A: Beauty-maintaining sanitary cotton swab patent, CN-106493608-A: Automatic unit self-adaptive detection device patent, CN-106494852-A: Stamped steel plate waste recovery system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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